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  • Flashback Radio Hour - Episode One

    Posted on 2010/11/29 by Ossie

    Flashback Radio Hour

    We are quite excited to present the first episode of our new regular Podcast.

    It's called Flashback Radio Hour. It's an hour long, we play songs in it and talk a bit and it might be a little quiet due to dodgy equipment, so turn it up load.

    We'll be doing a lot more of these and getting better at it but if you enjoyed this, or hated it, then get in touch with us on twitter (@flashbacklondon) or on Facebook or leave a comment on Soundcloud below.

    Press the big PLAY looking button to hear an episode stream now online. If you want to download the Podcast and add it to iTunes or the like then just click the little DOWNWARD ARROW on the right there. Enjoy.

    Flashback Radio Hour - Episode 1 by FlashbackRadioHour

    You'll be able to find all our future Podcasts here and we'll be tweeting and Facebooking them and all that so they'll be easy to keep up with.

    Track list to follow (cos I didn't write them all down).

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