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  • Music Takes Me Up: Blue Lines

    Posted on 2011/04/08 by Ossie

    Just up the road from our Essex Road store is The Winchester. It's a pub that likes it's music, open late, with DJs three or four nights a week.

    Anyway... the music takes me up gang are starting a listening club there. It's kicking off with Massive Attack's debut LP Blue Lines on Sunday the 17th of April. The needle will hit the wax at 8pm sharp. It's the first in an ongoing series, playing classic albums, uninterrupted, in full, from vinyl for YOUR deep listening pleasure. Being deep vinyl listeners ourselves we think it's a great idea.
    They'll be giving away a Flashback voucher or something exciting like that and it's the day after Record Store Day so it makes it an all-vinyl-funtime-weekend.

    How can you have a day without a night?

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    Posted on 2011/04/06 by Kev

    That's right. Alexander Tucker will grace our Essex Road store with a special instore performance on Saturday April 16th. And that day is Record Store Day. Which is a big deal for all of us. We're very excited. Not only will we have all kinds of exclusive Record Store Day-only releases alongside our goosebump enducing range of second hand vinyl, CDs and DVDs and our * NEW * NEW * 'New Vinyl' section (we just started stocking very cool new vinyl, seriously it's an amazing selection) but Alex will cap the day beautifully with a performance at 7pm sharp. Yes, sharp, so please arrive early if you can.
    It doesn't end there. Alexander Tucker will be playing records at the after party at the Mucky Pup (right around the corner) 39 Queens Head Street, N1 8NQ.
    Let's take Record Store Day in to the night.
    If you don't know the Mucky Pup already then please know that the Mucky Pup is a brother in arms and has the best jukebox in London. That's a well known fact. And I think every single employee of flashback Records has been "pupped" at least once. It's a rite of passage thing.

    Alexander Tucker's new album 'Dorwytch' is out on April 11th (Thrill Jockey) and yes we will certainly be stocking it. This record breaks new ground for Tucker by combining minimalist string arrangements with electronic manipulations and drones to produce doom chamber-pop songs and psychedelic music-concrete collages.
    In addition to being a solo artist Tucker continues to collaborate with Daniel Beban in their tape loop project
    Imbogodom (also on Thrill Jockey). Other bands include Grumbling Fur with members of Guapo and Circle. Past
    collaborative projects include duets with Stephen O’Malley on his Ginnungagap side project. Tucker is also a visual
    artist, creating artwork for all of his album covers and side projects, including ongoing paintings drawings, and comic artwork.
    Dorwytch is a beautiful collection of songs, which show Alexander Tucker at the height of his creative talents. He
    is capable of creating immense sounds on such a grand scale that it is astounding to realize that it is (mostly) all
    the work of just one man. This album will beguile and entice the listener, placing Tucker at the forefront of the
    experimental pop landscape.

    Let's do this!

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  • Flashback Radio Hour - Crouch End Special

    Posted on 2011/04/01 by Ossie

    Our Tom, our Matt and our Kev have done a special ALL-CROUCH-END-ALL-THE-TIME edition of the Flashback Radio Hour podcast. A varied mix of musics and gentlemanly conversation. Like John Peel meets Countdown's Dictionary Corner.

    Put it in your ears and the ears of your compatriots!

    Flashback Radio Hour - Episode 3 (Crouch End Special) by FlashbackRadioHour

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