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  • Flashback Record Label

    Posted on 2011/09/28 by Mark

    Flashback is launching a record label! The first release will be Territories by Red Horses of the Snow. For more details, including snippets of the new album, go to

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  • New Bevis Frond Album

    Posted on 2011/09/28 by Mark

    On October 10th, The Bevis Frond releases the first album for seven years. Entitled, "The Leaving of London", it continues on from where Hit Squad left off in 2004. Packed full of memorable tunes, it showcases all of the great things about the Bevis Frond: a sharp turn of lyrics, some great guitar work, some folky moments, some guitar wig-outs - it's all there for the discerning Bevis Frond fan. What distinguishes this album most of all in my opinion, is that the production is top notch. Added to that, I think it is Nick's most complete album since maybe New River Head, showcasing all the things we love about the Bevis Frond. It's released on October 10th and you can get the Vinyl and CD from  our online store.

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