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  • Flashback Records Presents a Night of Excellent Music

    Posted on 2014/05/29 by Linda

    This Saturday we present a night at the Buffalo Bar of live music and Flashback DJs.

    The entry is free to anyone attending on the facebook event. Or free with a flyer, which you can pick up in our shops. Otherwise £4.00 on the door. The doors open at 7. Unfortunately Rebecca Jade had to cancel due to a family bereavement.


    Check out the live acts below, we're very exited to present...:

    Sterling Roswell

    Rare solo gig by the Ex-Spacemen 3 and Darkside man - tape loops and machines are promised...


    Red Horses of the Snow

    Debut live outing from Flashback Records signings.

    David CW Briggs
    Solo live performance from the excellent former Hills Have Riffs and Cove Guitarist and Songwriter.


    Ace Of Wands

    The amazing Graham Murphy's Krautrock and Italian Movie Soundtrack inspired show.
    DJs Paul Cross (Flashback) & Nick Saloman (Bevis Frond) will be on the decks in between the bands.

    ....See you there!!

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  • Exciting times at Flashback Records as Record Store Day 2014 is coming up!

    Posted on 2014/03/29 by Linda



    We will obviously be stocking as many of the exclusive releases as possible at both our Crouch End and Essex Road branches, and have 2 live instores taking place on the day in our Essex Road store.

    The marvelous Alexander Tucker will take the stage  and so will some very special guests who will be announcing their appearance last minute…

    Throughout the day there will be various DJs entertaining your ears, so far Teeth of The Sea and Kavus Torabi (of Knifeworld) have been confirmed, more to be announced closer to the date.

    Once we know what exact releases we’ll be stocking on the most exciting day for record lovers ever, we shall publish a list online (18th April in the evening) so you know for sure you can get your hands on that special One Direction 7”... In the mean time you can have a look here for the full list of UK releases for April 19th.



    In other news, we have another great instore coming up by Sonic Cathedral signees Lorelle Meets The Obsolete on Sunday the 6th of April. Expect krauty psych shoegaze vibes, it’s gonna get loud in the basement!




    Last week we bought an amazing collection of US indie/hardcore from the late 80’s into the noughties. Think Fugazi, Shellac, Floor, Her Space Holiday, Minor Threat etc. These will all be put out during the week so keep an eye out on our “New In” section for second hand vinyl in Essex Road!

    Also, loads of mid price/cheap metal and 80s rock has come in. Get yer denim and leather on.



    The Beck LP “Morning Phase” which sold out soon after it’s released is currently being re-printed so we shall give you a heads up once it’s Beck in stock!


    And last but not least, we have a new sign outside!

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  • Flashback at Strongroom Bar

    Posted on 2014/01/31 by Linda


    We have a monthly night at the Strongroom Bar in Shoreditch where our staff play vinyl. Dates on the flyer above.

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  • Flashback Super Sweet 16 Birthday Bash!

    Posted on 2013/11/28 by Mike Fennell

    This Saturday, November 30, we'll be celebrating our 16th birthday at Buffalo Bar with an incredible assortment of Flashbands. That is, bands featuring our members of staff (and DJs)!

    Come down and enjoy live sets from:

    Echo Lake, Primitive Parts, Dead Coast, Slowride & Ace of Wands and all the Flashback DJs.

    More info on Facebook .


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  • Rumour has it...

    Posted on 2011/03/10 by Mark

    ... that the Brit nominated Rumer will be shooting a video for her new single at Flashback sometime soon. Watch this space...

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  • Why Do People Buy Vinyl?

    Posted on 2011/02/18 by Mark

    A Good Question.

    Answer One - Sound Quality

    When an analogue (Non-Digital) recording is made, all nuances of the sound are recorded. In the transfer process to Vinyl, none of the recorded information is lost. What you hear is a full faithful rendition of the actual recording.

    When a recording is digitised to master it for a CD release, approximately 90% of the information is discarded. This information is the nuances which fall outside the range of human hearing (so they claim), but it is very apparent when listening to the same recordings on CD and Vinyl (on a decent system) that the lost information is not inaudible and there is a distinct loss of texture and warmth. So CDs are noticably inferior to Vinyl on a decent system. On an average system, you probably won't be able to tell the difference.

    A typical 50 minute CD album uses about 500MB.

    Ok - so now we get to downloads. The file size for a typical 50 Minute CD Album download is currently about 50 MB in standard MP3 format. So suddenly we've lost another 90% of the information on the CD, which had already lost 90% of the Vinyl information. So your average MP3 contains only 1% of the information recorded. If you are listening on cheap headphones or in the car, then you probably won't notice the difference. If you are listening on even an average system, the MP3 will sound cold, sharp and lacking in depth and resonance.

    Answer Two - Artefact

    An Album is a piece of Art. Intrinsically, it combines Music and Sleeve Artwork. Whilst many have tried to deliver CDs in strange packages, there is nothing that comes close to holding a 12" by 12" work of art as part of the experience of listening to music. CDs are 5" by 5" and the impact of the artwork is correspondingly lessened. It's like looking at the Mona Lisa on your Iphone. Mp3s have no artwork, so draw your own conclusions...

    Somehow, the 12" Album format captured the best way to experience music - if you've never put the needle on the record, you should try it...

    ps - 7" Singles are just cool anyway...

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  • The State of the Nation

    Posted on 2011/02/18 by Mark

    What's going on with record shops - are they a thing of the past, an antiques mart or are they vibrant and current?


    Our experience at Flashback is very positive about the state of things.

    It seems that vinyl is undergoing a resurgence in popularity. It's not just old fogeys trying to recreate their vinyl collection from yesteryear, which they flogged/ gave away/ left at an old girlfriend/ boyfriends. The people who buy vinyl from Flashback fall into several categories:

    Continue reading

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  • Flashback features in Yell Ad

    Posted on 2011/02/06 by Mark

    Back before the days of mobile phone apps and digital downloads, there was a quaint TV ad for Yellow Pages concerning the search of one man for a copy of a book he wrote many years before - "Fly Fishing" by JR Hartley.

    Now Yell have updated this ad to feature a DJ looking for a record he made many years before. A couple of scenes in the Ad were filmed in Flashback - see if you can spot them!

    Watch the Ad Here

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  • Flashback on BBC 6 Music

    Posted on 2010/10/29 by Ossie

    BBC 6 Music

    I'll be having a brief chat with Jo Good on BBC 6 Music as they feature Flashback in their State of Indepents segment tomorrow morning at about 9:45.

    You can tune in on Digital Radio, TV, Online or even listen twice with two radios on top of each other.


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  • Expanded Vinyl Racks in Islington

    Posted on 2010/10/12 by Mark

    We're really excited about the new vinyl racking in Islington. Not that you care, but we're getting a new kitchen too!

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