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  • Flashback Radio Hour - Episode 4

    Posted on 2011/05/20 by Ossie

    New new podcast podcast, in which Matthew, Tom and Kevin drink more Polish beer than their professional radio presenting style can cope with. They also play a load of music. All kinds. All available (at the time of recording) in our Crouch End store.

    Tell a friend.

    Flashback Radio Hour - Episode 4 (Crouch End Again) by FlashbackRadioHour

    Don't forget you can hear (and download) all our podcasts here.

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  • Music Takes Me Up: Blue Lines

    Posted on 2011/04/08 by Ossie

    Just up the road from our Essex Road store is The Winchester. It's a pub that likes it's music, open late, with DJs three or four nights a week.

    Anyway... the music takes me up gang are starting a listening club there. It's kicking off with Massive Attack's debut LP Blue Lines on Sunday the 17th of April. The needle will hit the wax at 8pm sharp. It's the first in an ongoing series, playing classic albums, uninterrupted, in full, from vinyl for YOUR deep listening pleasure. Being deep vinyl listeners ourselves we think it's a great idea. They'll be giving away a Flashback voucher or something exciting like that and it's the day after Record Store Day so it makes it an all-vinyl-funtime-weekend.

    How can you have a day without a night?

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    Posted on 2011/04/06 by Kev

    That's right. Alexander Tucker will grace our Essex Road store with a special instore performance on Saturday April 16th. And that day is Record Store Day. Which is a big deal for all of us. We're very excited. Not only will we have all kinds of exclusive Record Store Day-only releases alongside our goosebump enducing range of second hand vinyl, CDs and DVDs and our * NEW * NEW * 'New Vinyl' section (we just started stocking very cool new vinyl, seriously it's an amazing selection) but Alex will cap the day beautifully with a performance at 7pm sharp. Yes, sharp, so please arrive early if you can. It doesn't end there. Alexander Tucker will be playing records at the after party at the Mucky Pup (right around the corner) 39 Queens Head Street, N1 8NQ. Let's take Record Store Day in to the night. If you don't know the Mucky Pup already then please know that the Mucky Pup is a brother in arms and has the best jukebox in London. That's a well known fact. And I think every single employee of flashback Records has been "pupped" at least once. It's a rite of passage thing.

    Alexander Tucker's new album 'Dorwytch' is out on April 11th (Thrill Jockey) and yes we will certainly be stocking it. This record breaks new ground for Tucker by combining minimalist string arrangements with electronic manipulations and drones to produce doom chamber-pop songs and psychedelic music-concrete collages. In addition to being a solo artist Tucker continues to collaborate with Daniel Beban in their tape loop project Imbogodom (also on Thrill Jockey). Other bands include Grumbling Fur with members of Guapo and Circle. Past collaborative projects include duets with Stephen O’Malley on his Ginnungagap side project. Tucker is also a visual artist, creating artwork for all of his album covers and side projects, including ongoing paintings drawings, and comic artwork. Dorwytch is a beautiful collection of songs, which show Alexander Tucker at the height of his creative talents. He is capable of creating immense sounds on such a grand scale that it is astounding to realize that it is (mostly) all the work of just one man. This album will beguile and entice the listener, placing Tucker at the forefront of the experimental pop landscape.

    Let's do this!

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  • Flashback Radio Hour - Crouch End Special

    Posted on 2011/04/01 by Ossie

    Our Tom, our Matt and our Kev have done a special ALL-CROUCH-END-ALL-THE-TIME edition of the Flashback Radio Hour podcast. A varied mix of musics and gentlemanly conversation. Like John Peel meets Countdown's Dictionary Corner.

    Put it in your ears and the ears of your compatriots!

    Flashback Radio Hour - Episode 3 (Crouch End Special) by FlashbackRadioHour

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  • Rumour has it...

    Posted on 2011/03/10 by Mark

    ... that the Brit nominated Rumer will be shooting a video for her new single at Flashback sometime soon. Watch this space...

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  • New Vinyl

    Posted on 2011/03/10 by Mark

    What are we just wetting our pants about? On Monday14th March, Flashback will be selling new vinyl! We're so excited and we just can't hide it. Everything from the new Radiohead album to Soul Jazz classic compilations. Come down and check it out!

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  • Tremors Album Review

    Posted on 2011/03/09 by Graham

    The sound of a windswept post-apocalyptic moor straight from Dario Argento's fecund imagination introduces the first track on Graham Bywater's Tremors project. A staccato repetitive bass and drum motif appears from nowhere, underpinning an increasingly distant and echoey guitar figure which leads us to a gentleman describing the Mount Everest of  haunted houses. This sets the scene as we're then brought in out of the cold, soaking and shivering, into a dense and almost claustrophobic room full of 80s synth lines and edgy drum patterns.

    This is a six track mini album, the music to an imaginary film. I don't think this film is a mainstream hollywood comedy. I think dark deeds are perpetrated in this film. Wraiths rise from the dead, virgins are slain, witches rule the night, and people walk backwards round spooky corners for no apparent reason. The decor is predominantly red and black, and the evil temptress is far more interesting and alluring than the hapless innocents.

    Suddenly an acoustic guitar chimes and you think of summer meadows, but the freedom is short-lived as the minor key melody is a wistful autumnal vague remembrance of those happy days of summer, distorted through the perspective of inevitable loss and decline, as the rain starts falling to a final lone residual piano.

    Now brooding chords lurk under an ominous keyboard arpeggio, like Tangerine Dream on downers -  a harbinger of what, we ask in dread. It's ok - it's only a guitar. A guitar being uncomfortably squeezed and distorted of course, like a nightmare where there's something fascinatingly grotesque glimpsed through cobwebs in a subterranean passage.

    The music here is all atmospheres and repeated phrases, swathed in echo. Acoustic guitars and pianos form the basis of Tremors, mixed with doomy keyboards and drums. Surprisingly, the overall effect is not as downbeat or depressing as it might sound, despite the overwhelmingly dark atmosphere. It's what you might expect were Robert Smith ( I am reminded of the Cure's 'Carnage Visors' soundtrack) to team up with Popol Vuh (who did the soundtracks to several Werner Herzog films), maybe; elements of Goth and Ambience mixing to provide a coherent collection of pieces, sometimes light and melancholy, sometimes moody and oppressive.

    I can wholly recommend you take a trip into the blood soaked realms of Tremors. But don't go on your own, on a rainy windswept night with a car that's about to break down outside a large overgrown mansion. You have been warned… (Sounds of maniacal laughter fade into the distance…)

    More Info: tremorsmusicuk@gmail.com

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tremors/127348390670127

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  • Veronica Falls

    Posted on 2011/02/21 by Kev

    Veronica Falls make great videos.

    Continue reading

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  • Why Do People Buy Vinyl?

    Posted on 2011/02/18 by Mark

    A Good Question.

    Answer One - Sound Quality

    When an analogue (Non-Digital) recording is made, all nuances of the sound are recorded. In the transfer process to Vinyl, none of the recorded information is lost. What you hear is a full faithful rendition of the actual recording.

    When a recording is digitised to master it for a CD release, approximately 90% of the information is discarded. This information is the nuances which fall outside the range of human hearing (so they claim), but it is very apparent when listening to the same recordings on CD and Vinyl (on a decent system) that the lost information is not inaudible and there is a distinct loss of texture and warmth. So CDs are noticably inferior to Vinyl on a decent system. On an average system, you probably won't be able to tell the difference.

    A typical 50 minute CD album uses about 500MB.

    Ok - so now we get to downloads. The file size for a typical 50 Minute CD Album download is currently about 50 MB in standard MP3 format. So suddenly we've lost another 90% of the information on the CD, which had already lost 90% of the Vinyl information. So your average MP3 contains only 1% of the information recorded. If you are listening on cheap headphones or in the car, then you probably won't notice the difference. If you are listening on even an average system, the MP3 will sound cold, sharp and lacking in depth and resonance.

    Answer Two - Artefact

    An Album is a piece of Art. Intrinsically, it combines Music and Sleeve Artwork. Whilst many have tried to deliver CDs in strange packages, there is nothing that comes close to holding a 12" by 12" work of art as part of the experience of listening to music. CDs are 5" by 5" and the impact of the artwork is correspondingly lessened. It's like looking at the Mona Lisa on your Iphone. Mp3s have no artwork, so draw your own conclusions...

    Somehow, the 12" Album format captured the best way to experience music - if you've never put the needle on the record, you should try it...

    ps - 7" Singles are just cool anyway...

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  • The State of the Nation

    Posted on 2011/02/18 by Mark

    What's going on with record shops - are they a thing of the past, an antiques mart or are they vibrant and current?


    Our experience at Flashback is very positive about the state of things.

    It seems that vinyl is undergoing a resurgence in popularity. It's not just old fogeys trying to recreate their vinyl collection from yesteryear, which they flogged/ gave away/ left at an old girlfriend/ boyfriends. The people who buy vinyl from Flashback fall into several categories:

    Continue reading

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