The Hawks - Obviously 5 Believers

Hawks, The - Obviously 5 BelieversLP - New - , Inner & Insert After years of negotiations finally the release of the Hawks album featuring the combined talents of Paul Adams, Simon Colley, Dave Twist, Dave Kusworth, Stephen Duffy. History tells us that every once in a while, a group of people can come together with one dream and do beautiful things with it, burning brightly but too briefly before sputtering out. But just because history throws up acloud of white noise, that dream doesn?t necessarily have to die.We know that Stephen Duffy had been a founder of Duran Duran, one of a number of bands to emerge on Birmingham?s fertile, exciting and often confusing post-punk scene. When TV Eye, the Second City?s Stooges-inspired garage punk band split, Daves Twist (drums) and Kusworth (guitar) and Paul Adams (guitar) approached Duffy (vocals) and Simon Colley (bass) from that first Duran line-up to join their new project. So began Obviously Five Believers, who in turn became The Subterranean Hawks, before settling on The Hawks. Adored by most who saw them, they recorded constantly, spawning one highly collectable single, ?Words Of Hope?. They lasted from ?79 until Christmas ?81 ?falling apart in a myriad of acrimony,? as Duffy wrote in 1984. ?Success makes the best excuses and the Subterranean Hawks had none... They proved that it was impossible and implausible to be a rock'n'roll band in the eighties.
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