Keeley Forsyth - Limbs

Forsyth, Keeley - LimbsLP - New - , Inner, White Vinyl Limbs is a record of reckoning with that change. After the initial purge of Debris, those feelings of trauma and fear remain but there?s also a life to live. ?Save me from the chair where sadness lies,? she sings on opener ?Fires?, wrestling the need to be creative within the routine of daily life. Where Debris was composed and recorded in close proximity to instrumentalist and arranger Matthew Bourne, Limbs deploys a more expansive palette .With Forsyth at the centre, collaborator Ross Downes acts as another limb, remotely producing the pulses and drones which feed back into the voice. Bourne this time is enlisted to ?Bring some of the soil of Debris? into Limbs. The result is clearer and more spacious. If Debris sounded like it was buried under the earth-Forsyth?s voice repressed and breathless-Limbs brings some of that live presence.
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