Halo Benders - The Rebels Not In

Halo Benders - The Rebels Not InLP - New - , Insert The Rebels Not In is the third album by The Halo Benders, released in 1998. The songs are collaborations between Calvin Johnson and Doug Martsch. Imagine if Shakespeare had a typewriter, a life span stretching to the end of the twentieth century, and a compulsive/random two-fingered-peck typing style; it is quite possible he could have (eventually) written the entire eleven songs on The Rebels Not In. On this album, The Halo Benders celebrated the death of alt rock in a new and exciting way: guitar bass drums two thumbs up and four stars (out of four). Doug Martsch wails away on guitar and voice accompanied by Calvin Johnson (guitar and voice with a strong Jackson Pollock influence), Ralf Youtz (drums and guitar), and Wayne Flower (bass and drum). Steve Fisk makes his customary appearance on various songs playing organ, synthesizer, harmonium and theremin. As always, vocal dynamics abound in somersaults and cartwheels, augmented by Doug's idiosyncratic guitar pyrotechnics. The eleven songs on The Rebels Not In have all sorts of problems to solve, and they always do by the end of the last reel. So bask in the glory of all things Bo Diddley inspired, from Buddy Holly to the Mark of the Beast. Like the first two Halo Benders albums,The Rebels not in was recorded at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, Washington by Calvin Johnson with engineering assistance Phil Ek. The album was then mixed with Phil Ek at Avast Studio, Seattle, Washington.
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