Mick Harris / Martyn Bates - Murder Ballads [Drift]

Harris / Martyn Bates, Mick - Murder Ballads [Drift]2xLP - New - , Marble Vinyl Deep Ambience and folksong re-emerge in this first vinyl outing of the classic 'Murder Ballads' (Drift) by M.J. Harris (Scorn/Napalm Death), & Martyn Bates (Eyeless In Gaza) Drift (originally released in 1994) plays out an unbreakable and timeless cycle of bloody folklore (people) and hypnotic soundscapes (the god who watches). The effect is chilling yet engrossing. Where most ambient music has barely enough courage to ring the doorbelland run, Murder Ballads slips through the cracks of the unconscious and does its work with remarkable ease. All the more reason to listen thoughtfully.I
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