ZOFFF – IV (Live at the Green Door Store, Brighton, 03/09/17)
**Limited Edition of 500 Green Vinyl**
Cat No:  FB011


Chris Anderson – Bass
Bic Hayes – Guitar and Voice
Al Strachan – Mono Synth, Cornet
Damo Waters – Drums
Terry Bickers – Guitar
Jo Spratley - Voice

When four musicians hit the stage with no songs, riffs, or structure pre-prepared it’s called a Jam, or improvisation. However the jams that we associate with blues rock and endless solos bear no resemblance to what ZOFFF offer us.

The musical understanding and sophistication of this band transcend popular notions of improvisation. Drawing from western cultural influences, the echoes of space rock, krautrock, post-punk and psychedelia suffuse this music and are distilled into an experience that is exhilarating and at times confounding; both introspective and extrovert they can shift from melodic to dissonant, from full tilt rock to experimental/ambient with alarming dexterity.

Comprising Chris Anderson, Bic Hayes, Al Strachan and Damo Waters, all pervious and current members of other - perhaps more orthodox - projects/bands too numerous to mention, ZOFFF are greater than the sum of their parts. A true fusion of the skills and expression of four like-minded musicians, freed from the constraints of song structures and accepted band formalities, exploring music from within and without.

Delving briefly back into history; the seminal 90s guitar band LEVITATION played what was to be their final show at the Tufnell Park Dome club in 1993. Bic Hayes and Terry Bickers were a key focus of the band with their mesmerising guitar interplay. In an iconoclastic moment, Terry walked offstage after declaring the band were finished... and that was the last time Bic and Terry played together.

So when it was announced in 2017 that Terry would be joining ZOFFF onstage for a show at The Green Door Store in Brighton, uniting with his fellow band mate for the first time in over twenty years - without any rehearsal or plan - expectations were high.

Of course Terry fitted in with the band seamlessly, bringing his distinctive guitar sound to their complex dynamic and recreating some of the magic he and Bic had unleashed with Levitation all those years ago. ZOFFF glowed with intense energy that night, being joined onstage towards the end by an exuberant Jo Spratley of SPRATLEYS JAPS for a rousing finale.

Thankfully the show was recorded in high quality and we now present to you that recording. An uninterrupted - apart from when you flip the delicious Green Vinyl - 40 minutes of astonishing creative music. Brilliantly edited and mixed by drummer Damo Waters and featuring striking graphic artwork by Michael Chapman.



Release Date: 7th December 2018

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