Debut Album 'In Memory' Released July 17th 2015


**** Record Collector Sept 2015


Steve Arnold - Cello, Vocals

Joseph Stokes - Guitar, Vocals

Sarah Woolfenden - Trumpet, Vocals


Tolerance Manoeuvre first hit the London Scene in 2012, playing clubs and art galleries around the capital. They recorded six songs in the Crypt of the ancient Church of St Giles in Camberwell, and the atmospherics of that resounding space inform the tone of the recordings. Difficult to categorise, their sound draws on minimalist ambient soundscapes, avant-garde jazz and indie rock music to form a weird hybrid. Rhythmic, spatially aware, melodic and dissonant, emotional and austere, the music takes the listener to spaces of melancholy and beauty.



The unique instrumental line up produces a sound that draws on all aspects of musical culture, both artful and accessible. You don’t need a music degree to follow and understand the weaving trails this music leaves in your psyche - just the willingness to let them into your soul.



Tolerance Manoeuvre continue to play regular gigs and radio sessions and already have enough new material for a second album.




 Info and Press: email: label at flashback dot co dot uk