Choose the items you wish to purchase and place them in your cart. A large nominal postage value will be added in the cart. This is the Maximum estimated postage that you might pay. The actual postage and packing is likely to be significantly less - see HERE for our actual postage rates.

Place the order. You will be directed to the Paypal site, where you can pay using your PayPal balance or by Credit or Debit Card.

Paypal will reserve those funds, but no money will be paid to Flashback at this stage.

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Flashback will check that we have all the items you have ordered. We will calculate the exact postage and packing necessary to ship the order to you.

Flashback will send you a confirmation email with an invoice for the exact amount. We will capture the exact amount payable from your paypal account.

We will ship your records, usually within 24 hours.

In the unlikely event of the postage being more than estimated, or any other problem, we will contact you.