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  • Malcolm Bruce Instore Friday 13th Feb in Crouch End

    Posted on 2015/02/03 by Mark


    Malcolm Bruce Q&A and solo acoustic performance.

    Malcolm will perform songs from his upcoming release through Pledge Music.

    And then all over the road to the best pub in Crouch End, The Harringay Arms.

    From the beginning of his life, Malcolm was immersed in music. As a teenager he attended the Guildhall School of Music to study composition and has been performing professionally since the age of 16.

    Malcolm has worked with a multitude of musicians over the years. Early in his career, work included Bill Ward's (Black Sabbath) record 'Ward 1' featuring Ozzy Osbourne. He has recorded with Dick Heckstall-Smith, and Brand X featuring Percy Jones, John Goodsall and Pierre Moerlan.

    Malcolm has performed with his father off and on over the years, and has appeared on several of Jack's albums, most recently 'Shadows in the Air' (2001) and 'More Jack than God' (2003) both recorded in NYC (featuring performances by Eric Clapton, Dr. John, & Horacio Hernandez)

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  • Exciting times at Flashback Records as Record Store Day 2014 is coming up!

    Posted on 2014/03/29 by Linda



    We will obviously be stocking as many of the exclusive releases as possible at both our Crouch End and Essex Road branches, and have 2 live instores taking place on the day in our Essex Road store.

    The marvelous Alexander Tucker will take the stage  and so will some very special guests who will be announcing their appearance last minute…

    Throughout the day there will be various DJs entertaining your ears, so far Teeth of The Sea and Kavus Torabi (of Knifeworld) have been confirmed, more to be announced closer to the date.

    Once we know what exact releases we’ll be stocking on the most exciting day for record lovers ever, we shall publish a list online (18th April in the evening) so you know for sure you can get your hands on that special One Direction 7”... In the mean time you can have a look here for the full list of UK releases for April 19th.



    In other news, we have another great instore coming up by Sonic Cathedral signees Lorelle Meets The Obsolete on Sunday the 6th of April. Expect krauty psych shoegaze vibes, it’s gonna get loud in the basement!




    Last week we bought an amazing collection of US indie/hardcore from the late 80’s into the noughties. Think Fugazi, Shellac, Floor, Her Space Holiday, Minor Threat etc. These will all be put out during the week so keep an eye out on our “New In” section for second hand vinyl in Essex Road!

    Also, loads of mid price/cheap metal and 80s rock has come in. Get yer denim and leather on.



    The Beck LP “Morning Phase” which sold out soon after it’s released is currently being re-printed so we shall give you a heads up once it’s Beck in stock!


    And last but not least, we have a new sign outside!

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  • Record Store Day 2013

    Posted on 2013/04/19 by Mark

    Record Store Day

    Tomorrow, Saturday the 20th of April is Record Store Day 2013.

    Not only will we have FREE BISCUITS as in previous years but we'll also have FREE BADGES and GUEST DEEJAYS to edutain whilst you get your browz on.

    Yes indeed, we've a crack team of vinyl junkies assembled to (metaphorically) whistle while we work. Bob Stanley of Saint Etienne and music enthusiasm fame, will be kicking things off at 12 noon. He'll hand over to magnetic tape archeologist, Jonny Trunk of Trunk label fame, at 1pm. After that, around half two, we'll have former Rocker in Chief of the Times and general General of music journalism, Pete Paphides. He might be playing records exclusively sourced from our pound bin. Not sure. Next up on the Murphy Meteor (pictured below) is Liam Large of the Jukebox Jam night and record label. To finish things off, when the staff are on their last legs, we'll let one of them, Duke Murphy no less, play some of his own records.

    The Murphy Meteor


    Oh, the EXCLUSIVE RELEASES? Yeah, we've got somes of those...

    Here's the full list of what we have received. We'll have all of it in our Essex Road shop and very much almost all of it in our Crouch End store, only missing the things we got a paltry 1 of (They're mostly pretty niche).

    10am opening.

    Without further ado.

    Continue reading

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  • HMV - A Statement By ERA (Entertainment Retailers Association)

    Posted on 2013/01/15 by Mark

    ERA Statement on HMV

    January 15th 2013

    Director General Kim Bayley said:

    “No one can say this is a surprise, but it is still a shock. HMV has been part of the fabric of the music and entertainment business for decades. But there are signs that this may not be the end of the story.
    “It would be wrong to underestimate the affection which HMV is held by consumers and the determination of music and video companies to see HMV survive in some form.
    “We know there is consumer demand – in a poll last year HMV was ranked in the Top 10 of the stores people most want to see on their High Street. Data suggests they generated 170 million in-store visits last year and another 40 million online.
    “At the same time both music and video companies are painfully aware of the consequences of losing a retailer responsible for around a third of UK physical music and video sales. We have to hope they will not stand by and watch HMV go down.
    “There has been much misinformation published in the past 24 hours about the relative strength of physical and digital entertainment formats. Physical formats like CDs and DVDs still account for three quarters of the entertainment market. In other words HMV going from the high street is in the interests neither of consumers nor of suppliers.
    “For their part, our members – although competitors of HMV – have been quick to express their support.
    “We believe it is possible for the administrators to rescue something out of this situation. There is a precedent that you can streamline your costs and in particular the number of stores a chain trades from and still retain the bulk of sales – that’s precisely what happened with Game.
    “There is clearly is a viable business model for an entertainment retailer on the UK High Street. It is up to the administrators now to do their job and take the steps necessary to make it possible.”


    For more information, please contact:

    Steve Redmond,, 07770 924720

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  • Record Store Day 2012

    Posted on 2012/04/20 by Ossie


    The Queen's Official Birthday of record shop days.
    The only day of the year when people still queue for records.

    Below is a list of everything we have received from our dear distributing friends as of 20:46 on Friday the 20th April 2012. We may well get a few more bits in the morning. We have outstanding orders.

    If you're planning to be out standing in the rain tomorrow morning outside our Crouch End shop then they should have most of this list too but a couple of things, which we only received one of, will only be in the big mummyshop in Essex Road.

    Don't forget our Stackridge instore at Crouch End at 2pm and Essex Road's Fair Ohs instore at 7pm. By seven we ought to be dead on our feet and needing a beer. So that's what we'll have.

    Without further ado, here is the list...

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  • Priciest sellers of 2011

    Posted on 2012/01/06 by Ossie

    It seems easier than ever to sell expensive records. I think those of us who spend money on rotating-disc-music are inherently impervious to the gloomy practicalities of a recession. It never made economic sense to buy expensive records. It was just good, and it is still good.

    With that said we weren't inundated with £800 Beatles albums as we were in 2010. The top ten most expensive records that we sold in 2011 are either first pressings of classic albums that went on to sell millions, or shockingly obscure genre records that probably failed to sell at all. Continue reading

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  • Our bestselling artists of 2011

    Posted on 2012/01/06 by Ossie

    2011 has been another record (no pun intended) year at Flashback. In April, Record Store Day helped us to our best week since we opened, some 14 years ago, and we almost matched it in the run up to Christmas. November and December takings were up almost 20% on the year before.
    Vinyl is dead?

    Our Top 40 selling artists of 2011 are mostly the established titans of 60s and 70s music, but with our expansion into selling new vinyl alongside second hand you can see some fresher faces creeping in.
    Continue reading

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  • Black Friday

    Posted on 2011/11/18 by Mark

    Friday 25th November is Black Friday. Loads of Limited edition Vinyl is released on that day. Come early to ensure you get what you're looking for. If it's anything like Record Store Day. we'll have queues down the street when we open. In fact we may open this space...

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  • Crouch End Store's 5th Birthday!!

    Posted on 2011/06/21 by Kev

    Yes that's right Essex Road's younger little sister has turned FIVE YEARS OLD and to celebrate we invite you all for some good times on FRIDAY 24th JUNE from 7pm @ 144 Crouch Hill, London N4 8DX.
    WEIRD DREAMS play a special (yes very cosy) acoustic show instore. There will be drinks, good music and we will party like it's not 2006.

    After all this we will cross the street and keep the party going at the Harringay Arms.
    Come celebrate!!

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  • Flashback Radio Hour - Episode 4

    Posted on 2011/05/20 by Ossie

    New new podcast podcast, in which Matthew, Tom and Kevin drink more Polish beer than their professional radio presenting style can cope with. They also play a load of music. All kinds. All available (at the time of recording) in our Crouch End store.

    Tell a friend.

    Flashback Radio Hour - Episode 4 (Crouch End Again) by FlashbackRadioHour

    Don't forget you can hear (and download) all our podcasts here.

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